Media Buyers Market to Attorneys

For the more than 1.1 million practicing lawyers in the U.S., ramping up their business savvy is the No. 1 priority, according to leading legal publisher ALM.

“Increasingly, law firms-particularly the larger firms-are recognizing the need to bring in outside, nonlegal managers to help run the business side of their practices,” said Kevin Vermeulen, VP-group publisher at ALM.

Business development investment by law firms includes such expenditures as customer relationship management software, competitive intelligence and knowledge management tools and services, Vermeulen said.

In addition, legal services are a rapidly growing area, said John Bigay, VP-marketing and programming for Captivate Network, a media company that helps media buyers reach lawyers and other office workers via video stations in office building elevators. “For example, lawyers have used LexisNexis for years, but now RFP and database software are making inroads at law firms. These software tools are designed to help in the search for clients.”

Professional managers-those who oversee business development and other administrative functions at larger law firms-are very receptive to targeted messages, Vermeulen said. “However … law firm partners, through committees or managing boards, remain the ultimate decision-makers on many major purchasing decisions,” he said.

The best way to establish a long-term relationship with a law firm is to focus your efforts on the administrative staff, said Peter Koeppel, president of media buying agency Koeppel Direct. “They’re the ones who open up the doors,” he said. “After those doors have been opened, you can target individual partners directly.”

Peter Koeppel is Founder and President of Koeppel Direct

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