Direct Response Online Advertising

Eventually, it all comes back to the Internet, where old media is bound to converge with new. “Quite literally, this is the future,” Bailey says.
Considering buying a print advertisement? Write a blog, instead. Thinking about radio? Try recording your own podcast. The Internet even presents a world of new opportunities for small businesses that are looking into direct response television (DRTV), according to Koeppel, as approximately half of people who are online are watching TV at the same time, and most have broadband connections for watching video. “If you don’t have the money to run your DRTV spot,” he says, “you can always run it on your Web site.”
Just because something’s online, though, doesn’t make it a good idea. Like standard print and television ads, many standard Internet advertising vehicles, such as banner ads, are quickly becoming dated. “People aren’t clicking on banners as much as in the past,” Koeppel says. He therefore recommends investing instead in search engine marketing, buying keywords and search terms via services such as Google AdWords.
In the end, it all comes back to engagement, according to Patrick. “It’s about taking a static form of advertising and really looking at how interactive you can make it,” she says. Run a print ad. Make a TV commercial. Build a Web site. Just make sure that all roads lead back to the cutting edge.

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