Internet Advertising Makes Way for the Mobile Market

Advertisers looking to reach their target consumers are finding it necessary to diversify their marketing strategy beyond television advertising.

Getting to the right audience in a timely and valuable (in the audience’s eyes) way is more important than ever. Consumer expectations as far as the information they want and need are higher than ever—thanks to the Internet.

Advertisers can no longer rely on one means of advertising, such as television advertising, to effectively reach their target audience. They are also using and reaping the benefits of blogs, link exchanges and search engine advertising methods (among others). These promotional techniques work well when mixed with television advertising and other direct campaigns.

More than one at once. Most people are accustomed to receiving their information simultaneously from at least two different sources, including the Internet, and mobile technology makes this even easier.

Go mobile. Consumers are relying more and more on mobile networks and mobile technology to connect to the Internet while on the go.

Google, for one, is positioning itself as a leader in mobile advertising. “Over time, we will make more money from mobile advertising,” said Eric Schmidt, the CEO of the search giant, who added that that mobile advertising could soon overshadow the PC market in terms of reach and prevalence.

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